ULFA Acting Chairman urges for Mass action against AFSPA

By- Staff Reporter | Date- January 04, 2012

Acting Chairman of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), Dr Abhijit Bormon has appealed to the people of Assam to stand up against social evils and to act united against the social demolition of the Assamese society. Further, the outfit has appealed to the people of Assam to convey as to how and what role of the outfit they want in getting rid of the ills that are affecting the society.

In a press release sent to Times of Assam yesterday, the Acting Chairman stated that everyone is aware of the rapid social degradation taking place in today’s Assam under Indian boots. For example it was illegal to sell alcohol in Assam for several decades; but now a day allowing this trade to grow like mushrooms in all corners of Assam has the hallmark of social engineering by Delhi. He gave the example that tea as a drink was used for social engineering in England quite successfully in a positive sense. But in case of Assam it is to bring ruin decimating families and destruction of the social fabric through alcoholism.

The acting chairman also reminded the stand and action taken by the United Liberation Front of Asom in its early days against number of social ills. He stated that the outfit was unable to continue with such work due to the Army Operations as Indian expert analysts had become aware of the significant impact and cumulative result of those activities which would have led to continued support for the organisation and its avowed aims. In addition, the act of the Indian Parliament removing the Bordoloi Resolution in 1953 was called as a colonialist policy as it enables Delhi to implement its subsequent nefarious designs on Assam.

According to the ULFA Acting chairman, the process of social engineering being applied on Assam is clearly evident even to a novice observer. Assamese grooms who had to prove his eligibility of starting a family to the bride’s family proving his strength and worth beforehand are now replaced by the opposite phenomena of dowry demand, a disgusting practiced by Indians, murdering of the daughter in law for non-fulfillment of dowry demands unheard of Assam until few years ago are becoming regular incidences. Following the footsteps of non-Assamese women traffickers, today even the sons and daughters of the soil no longer hesitate to sell Assamese girls in various parts of India or to flesh traders. The abhorrent honour killing and in the name of religion and culture, polygamy and child wife tradition practiced widely is about to reach Assam.

It has been noted with greatest of concern that’s some spoilt youths of the mobile phones and motor bike culture, have become so depraved that in a recent incident two girls picnicking with some youths were de-robed and assaulted by them and this was digitally recorded and released to be viewed publicly.

How can we Assamese with our glorious past not realize that destruction of our age old values and making us corrupt make our adversaries fill with joy and glee who want to see us doomed?

The Acting Chairman appealed also to the various news media to come forward swiftly to take a responsible proactive role to enable the citizenry to have a creative discussion platform to vent out their will.

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