ULFA[I] leaders traced by their self projected Face! – As it happens always

It is earlier published that ULFA[I] Chief-of-the-Staff(CS) Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah is in the process of developing his successor, who is none other than Assistant Publicity Secretary of the outfit, Captain Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech alias Bijit Gogoi alias Bijit Baruah. Although Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech is known widely as the assistant publicity secretary of the outfit, he has actually got little to do with publicity, but is more of militancy and diplomacy with face and name, being propagated. It is Dr Pranmoy Asom, who actually handles publicity of the outfit and most of the press releases actually are written by the Chairman, Abhizeet Asom whose identity Times of Assam had first revealed as Dr Mukul Hazarika(Mookool Haazoriiqa).

Arunodoy Asom is rising up the ranks in the militant outfit due to his leadership style, ability to handle intra-national & international relations, great diplomatic skills, and a strong propaganda artist. His knowledge of all major languages of South East Asia(including China, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia) has made him widely popular within the militant camps of the region and sources within the militant outfit revealed that he is a sharp motivator with politeness in talking and can motivate easily people for the cause of Assamese nationalism. To the extent that he was the key person behind motivating several prominent recruits to the outfit including late Rashmita Asom alias Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar – teacher and mother of two children – who’s joining the outfit had created a storm in the state. Further, Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech possesses high diplomacy skills and is known to be capable of building relationships with any people of all classes.

As published earlier – ULFA[I] CS Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah is trying to bring Arunodoy Asom’s face in front of the public as a strategic move to create a next level of leadership. As such, when Arunodoy Asom recently came in front of the camera through a Guwahati based satellite news channel, it was the first time since last several decades that any other leader of ULFA, apart from Paresh Baruah has come in front of the camera (Excluding the pro-talk faction as they had to come over ground). However this is where the ULFA[I]’s hope, Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech seems to be in trouble and getting into a trap.

Self publicized Photo by Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech alias Bijit Gogoi

Paresh Baruah and his planned successor, Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech is engaging a journalist to publish stories and bring him to the limelight, but the outfit seems to have forgotten that the same journalist was arrested in Lakhimpur district some years back for a notorious blackmailing case.

It should be mentioned that Paresh Baruah has always talked of Times of Assam is an “agent of Indian State”, but it is also be noted that the pictures shared by Paresh Baruah and Arunodoy Asom alias Ramya Mech to their trustworthy people within journalism circles always reached the hands of Intelligence as well; which clearly states that Paresh Baruah has never learnt from his mistakes. The same kind of mistake that has costed him so many cadres and leaders of the militant outfit.

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