Design to isolate Bangladesh from International community

Former Bangladesh Army Chief and sitting Vice- President of Sector Commanders’ Forum(SCF) K M Shafiullah told to drive away from Bangladesh. On January 16, (2014) SCF) vice-president K M Shafiullah in a meeting held at Reporters’ Unity Auditorium of Dhaka demanded, “Let this guy (Mozena) be driven out of Bangladesh. He goes everywhere to poke his nose into everything. This man is responsible for all wrongdoings.” Mumtasir Mamun, another Vice-President of SCF said, Dan Mozena acts, as if, an external member of BNP Bangladesh Nationalist Party). According to him, the foreign diplomats are responsible for political violence in Bangladesh that frequently rocks the country. They have fueled all these violence and assisted BNP. (The Daily Manobzamin)

The fault(?) of Dan Mozena was that after exchanging views with the State Minister for Foreign Minister, along with 50 diplomats he (Mozena) briefed the journalists saying to end the current crisis in Bangladesh a fresh election needs to be held. Such election must be held in May-June before the commencement of the rainy season. Later he without mentioning any month said, fresh election is urgently needed. (The Daily Amar Desh)

Diplomatic analysts opined, the ugly demand of the SCF is linked to the India’s design to isolate Bangladesh from international community. Dan Mozena committed nothing wrong. He simply informed the same consensus what the 50 Ambassadors and High Commissioners jointly conveyed to the Bangladesh State Minister for Foreign Affairs to hold a fresh election to end the prevailing crisis and uncertainty in Bangladesh. Dan Moseza’s statement coincided to the hopes and aspiration of the Bangladeshi people.

But India is on the opposite side of the coin. It as wants to keep Sheikh Hasina in power to turn Bangladesh to its vassal state like Bhutan and former Sikkim. India also intrigues to prolong the current political violence that at one stage may lead to a total civil war and destroy all the infrastructures of Bangladesh what is essential to encage Bangladesh to India’s hegemonic paws. India is sure that Sheikh Hasina and her party is so unpopular and non-expectable to the Bangladeshis, AL will face humiliating defeat if election is held under a non-party neutral government and that will end India’s hegemonic influence in Bangladesh. So India is not ready to see an alternative government in Dhaka, but Sheikh Hasina. India has already lost its grips on all other South Asian countries, except Bhutan. If a fresh election accommodating all the parties of Bangladesh is not held within a short time, bloodshed will continue in Bangladesh what may invite militancy and terrorism that may plague in the entire region.

Unveiling the reason of irritation of India and its Bangladeshi toadies, independent observers opine that neither America nor its allies in the west and beyond welcomed the pre-planned 5th January election of Bangladesh what was boycotted not only by the major opposition parties but also overwhelmingly common people of Bangladesh. India is the lone country that openly backed such controversial and one-party election which was staged under gunpoint.

Over 80 per cent people of Bangladesh hold the same opinion what Dan Mozena, on behalf of 50 countries, ventilated on January 16. It needs an analysis how far it was logical and justifiable to give vent to the joint decision of the 50 leading nations of the world. If the suggestion of Dan Mozena was even his personal opinion how far it was logical and acceptable to utter such indecorous and improper demand of driving away an ambassador of a country? If such suggestion touched the sore point of the vested quarter, it could be resolved through other means. It could be examined whether Dan Mozena’s suggestion for an early fresh election, violated any law of Bangladesh or was it tantamount to interfere on the internal affairs of Bangladesh. So far my knowledge guesses he didn’t utter anything that went against the interest of Bangladesh or undermined the sovereign status of Bangladesh.

It is known to all that the January 5 election was not a representative one. On the election day 64 polling centers remained vacant, as none came to vote, though there was no resistance in those centers. Voting of 436 polling centers couldn’t be held owning to mass resistance. Despite one-sided election nine candidates instantly boycotted election race due to rigging and occupation of polling booths by the ruling AL cadres. A pro-AL candidate Najibul Bashar Maijbhandari to avert mass wrath was compelled to sit down and stand up in public keeping his hand in his ears, what is regarded as a disregardful punishment in Bangladesh society.

An English daily of Dhaka, The New Age made a hair-raising report how the sitting government rigged in the election to show huge voter turnout despite the election was boycotted by the BNP-led opposition. The correspondents of the daily deployed in some areas of Dhaka on the election day found free rigging in those centers which they visited, such as at Banani Bidya Niketan, TNT Mahila Mahabidyalay, Jamiya Islamia Madrassa and Orphanage at Dakkhin Khan and BAF Shahin School and College.

At the Banani School groups of ruling party activists, aided by the police were seen moving from one booth to another, indiscriminately stamping ballot papers. In one booth, a polling officer stamped a file of ballot papers. In all three centers, activists, led by local Awami League leaders cast votes repeatedly on behalf of the candidate of the BNF (Bangladesh Nationalist Front) party, a government sponsored newly floated party in name to show that maximum parties participated in the election.

At the TNT school about 3:00pm, large groups of men and women suddenly entered the polling booths in police escort and took over it. Polling officers were thrown out of the rooms and some of them were shouting while talking with the presiding officers.

At the Jamiya Islamia Madrassah, a number of underage people cast their vote showing national identity cards. They were aided by local Awami League leaders, who pushed the polling officers to allow them to cast vote

Another English Daily of Dhaka, The Daily Star on January 6 reported “Ruling Awami League workers took a large number of children to cast votes for Dhaka-18 constituency at the fag end of voting hours today”. The daily Star Staff Correspondent who covered the polls in Uttara saw many children aged between 10 and 16 standing in queues to cast their votes. About 100 kids were brought to Uttara Girls High School and College centre and instructed them cast vote for Shahara Khatun, a candidate of ruling AL.”

On the other hand, the way The Election Commission (EC) manipulated the election was ugly. It declared the candidature of the JP leaders valid, despite they in writings withdrew their candidature. The drama centering former dictator Earshad was amazing. His repeated summersaults, his call to withdraw the nomination paper, and his oath as MP; inclusion of the so-called opposition (JP) MPs in the cabinet, above all, very poor turnout of voters, simply raped the parliamentary system of democracy. So those who have minimum sense of democracy cannot support or accept the recent selection of the power-seekers, under the concealment of election.

The statistics of the Election Commission unequivocally proved that the election was neither representative, nor even free and fair and failed to ventilate the expectation of the Bangladeshis. It needs to be mentioned that overseas observers, except India, boycotted the election observation process as they could easily anticipate beforehand what would be the results of the pre-arranged one-party election game. According to the knowledgeable sources, the statistics provided by the EC, also suffered from exaggeration. It needs to mention that EC acted as a tool of Sheikh Hasina, so the voter’s turnout was purely biased and far from the reality. If for argument sake, one accepts the EC’s statistics that 39% voters cast their votes in the 147 Constituencies of Bangladesh National Assembly, popularly known as Jatiya Sangad (JS), yet it was not representative, as 61% voters refrained from voting. On the other hand, the statistics of provided by the local election observers are per below to that of EC. Those statistics varied in between 14% to 30%. Moreover, 153 candidates were declared elected unopposed. Government deliberately kept single candidate in the majority seats of JS, so that a so-called government could be formed, if the election of remaining147 constituencies couldn’t be held due to people’s resistance. It means none of the 153 MPs represents a single voter. So the election failed to ventilate the expectation of the Bangladeshis.

Mentionable that Sheikh Hasina herself declared that she divided the constituencies among the partners of the 14-party coalition. She even opined if BNP would have participated in the election it would also have got the share of seats. If so what was the necessity of holding election since the contesting parties could decide in advance in how many seats each party would be declared as elected? Does such election bear any acceptability, validity and necessity after such statement of Sheikh Hasina? Sheikh Hasina’s statement itself proves that this election is illegal and unacceptable. What was the necessity of holding the election whence Sheikh sitting in his office distributed the seats among her accomplices, decided who would be declared as winner. So such drama could neither be termed nor accepted as election. It rather could be branded as the digital bluff and complexity of an autocrat, named Sheikh Hasina. Through this fake and staged election, both democracy and people’s rights of choice have been snatched away and confined to the cage of Sheikh Hasina. It is not a democracy, rather a mockery. It can be the whim of one dictator or at best of a party. If democracy is controlled and managed by an individual, it can’t be termed democracy, as in that case it loses its fundamental characteristics. None ever experienced such ruthless ramming on people in any democracy. People’s rights were snatched away and they were tortured and humiliated only in the one-man one-party communist dictatorial countries under the camouflage of so-called people’s democracy where people were denied of all rights. People were treated, as if, they were the slaves of the party dictator and his beneficiary flatterers. The pattern of Sheikh Hasina’s democracy under any consideration isn’t better than that of the communist dictatorial bourgeois. Whatever Sheikh caused to happen can under no circumstances be termed as democratic culture. People’s sentiment and opinion are not reflected through such process. A dictator can momentarily prolong his/her draconian rule using brutal gun power under the cover of democracy. Though people are compelled temporarily to consume such imposed election or government, but its subsequent consequences, in most cases, were horrible.

An election participated by and accepted by all parties can be the lone alternative to avert such unpredictable consequence. The sooner such election is held the better to restore peace and stability in Bangladesh and to normalize the economy of the country.

All the friendly countries around the world, including America and China, emphasize on an early acceptable election to restore peace and discipline, people’s security and continuity of prosperity. Ambassadors of 50 countries, including America, not only on behalf of their respective countries, but all the democratic and humanist people around the world suggested holding fresh election in Bangladesh by May-June. Dan Mozena’s suggestion not only echoes the public opinion of the international community, it is a genuine acceptable solution to the crisis that Bangladesh faces.

But India, the patron and guide of Sheikh Hasina stands on the opposite pole. It designs and desires that Bangladesh should remain submerged in political deadlock. India desires let all the achievements be destroyed and drained down whatever the toiling Bangladeshis attained despite hundreds of thousands of intrigues of India. Let the Bangladeshis beg to the Indians. Let Bangladeshi women due to poverty sell their flesh to the Indians.

India dream that prompted India to assist liberation was of Bangladesh in 1971 was to initially keep Bangladesh to the position of Bhutan and defunct Sikkim, and subsequently grab it, where there won’t exist any professional armed forces, having no separate foreign policy. It will exist for the time being simply having a separate flag and subservient government totally under the control and surveillance of India. Indian diplomatic missions in the overseas will perform the required jobs of Bangladesh, what it does in case of Bhutan. India desires Bangladesh doesn’t need to have so many missions in abroad. India wants that all the Bangladeshi diplomatic missions should gradually be closed down, except some vital ones in UN, USA, China, UK, Saudi Arabia to vote favoring India’s interest. India is ready to perform free of cost the job of Bangladesh through its missions. The far-reaching goal of such offer is to disassociate Bangladesh from the international community.

India doesn’t want that Bangladesh should maintain even minimum relation with America, Britain, Germany, EU, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, South Africa, or even with the Muslim world. None, but India solely will look after it. For this reason India is not ready to tolerate close relation of Bangladesh with any country. India wants all the countries, particularly powerful and rich ones should fold their activities from Bangladesh. They should withdraw their business and investment from Bangladesh and refrain from extending assistance and cooperation to Bangladesh. Bangladesh should remain dependent only on India for everything whatever it needs. Let Bangladesh either merge to India or exist as shaky vassal state beset with poverty, chaos, infighting, and all other types self-ruination. If Bangladesh maintains close relationship with these countries, India’s longstanding hegemonic vision of unified India would never be implemented. India apprehends the countries that disagree to allow India to manage Bangladesh suiting India’s interest and negate the unfair, non-democratic planted election staged by its surrogates, will never allow India to grab Bangladesh. For this reason India became desperate to reinstall its bosoms in Dhaka through staging fabricated one-sided one-party election, ignoring the international communities.

Political observers opine that India, through its local pawns, will create situation so that major powers leave Bangladesh. These powers should be insulted in whatever way it is possible so that out of anger they lose their interest in Bangladesh and refrain from extending their support and help whenever it badly needs so. It will help India pave the way to keep its stooges in power who through draconian tactics branding the patriotic elements as militants and terrorists can eliminate them one after another to remove the hurdles to annex Bangladesh to India.

Observers believe the unreasonable demand of K M Shafiullah to expel Dan Mozena ventilated the ulterior motive of India; otherwise K M Shafiullah didn’t have any logic to be so furious that prompted him to demand the expulsion of Dan Mozena. Shafiullah is infamous for his pro-India tilt. Raising such imputative demand Shafiullah not only insulted Dan Mozena, but also all the 50 countries. Political analysts opine that K M Shafiullah’s role can be considered as revenge on behalf of India whose diplomat was arrested in New York for violation of American law.

The apprehension of the analysts have some genuine grounds, as these RAW agents and operatives remain mum when Indian ministers, think tanks, army officials, diplomats etc., directly poke their nose on Bangladesh affairs and even suggest Indian government to invade Bangladesh. Muchkund Dubey, the former Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh when slapped a Bangladeshi intelligence personnel on duty, these elements didn’t utter a single word, not to speak of seeking expulsion of Muchkund Dubey. Such duel and contradictory role of Shafiullah and his accomplices uncover their real identity and intention. They serve for India not for Bangladesh, as they without any question digest whatever anti-Bangladesh steps India takes. Their intention is very clear that they want to isolate Bangladesh from rest of the world to establish India’s unilateral supremacy on Bangladesh.

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