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Anyone who follows politics in the country, especially those from our state Assam would remember the four MLAs of Bharatiya Janata Party, Sambhu Singh Malla, Kartik Sinha, Abhijit Hazarika and Rumi Nath, who had voted for Congress during the last Rajya Sabha Elections held. No doubt, they had been immediately expelled from their party under grounds of treachery.  Although many of us wonder about their actual motive in going against their own party’s constitution – if it was due to lucrative offers of money or a berth in the ministry (As a Congress MLA, post next 20100 elections), the fact remains a grim shade of how shallow the politics has become in the country and how saleable has become any kind of ideology (if it ever existed!).  However our concern is still not this dark fact.


The recent uproar within the Congress party against ‘awarding’ these four people any ticket in next elections on grounds of treason is not just a war of morality versus treachery or good versus evil. It also somehow symbolizes the death of true democracy in our country.

Without analyzing about their contribution to their respective constituencies, let us assume that no party would, in an ideal scenario bring in fresh candidates when they have their own people who had been winners in those constituencies. So, ideally these four MLA’s may still have a good chance of winning next elections, being current winners. Yet now that the party workers of Congress is agitating, the leadership of the party would be bound to think twice before taking them into their party or better still, giving them a ticket. And let’s face it- this would not be only because of morality issues, but because of the fear that these four MLA’s may face defeat next time.

So here in lies the anathema of politics in our country. If the four concerned MLA’s are good enough to win people’s support once again, Congress could ideally take them “In”. But if these winning candidates are not taken “in” by Congress or some party, it would symbolize how skeptical a party can be for one “Dal Badlo” person. If shifting base by a MLA from one party to another can cost him his constituency, does it not prove that common people do not elect people, but parties. Should we not call it the gradual death of Democracy in our country?

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Priyankan Goswami Priyankan Goswami is the Editor of Times of Assam's Political Analysis section. He is also founder member and member of the Executive board of Times of Assam. By Academic Priyankan Goswami is MBA & Mechanical Engineer.


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