Facebook leaves Orkut Behind in India too

Orkut seems to have been defeated by Facebook in the space of Indian users now, if we believe the recent report by market research company comScore. Facebook has won the number one rank with 20.9 million visitors in July in India. Astonishingly, this figure has risen by 179 percent on a year-on-year basis. On the […]

World’s First Bio-Degradable Computer launched

The world’s First Bio-Degradable computer has been launched by Micro Pro Computers, known for being makers of eco-friendly accessories. The biodegradable wood panels in the PC are made up of waste products extracted from the lumber and the pulp industry.  This computer is also claimed to consume one-third less energy in contrast to conventional computers. […]

After Arunachal Pradesh, Google Goofs up with Kashmir Maps!!

After somehow rising up from last year’s controversy following Google Map’s depiction of Arunachal Pradesh being a part of China, Google seems to have stumbled into one more- this time depicting Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as a part of Pakistan when in all actuality, it is still a disputed area. When bought to attention of […]

Blackberry Issues expected to be solved this week

BlackBerry-maker RIM (Research In Motion) is all set to provide solution this week to help Indian security agencies access corporate email by obtaining encrypted data in readable format.RIM, otherwise would face a ban of they do not comply to their August 31 deadline to give Indian authorities the means to track and read BlackBerry Enterprise […]

Beware of Facebook’s “dislike” button’!!

Troubles in Facebook never seem to end, and this time it comes in the name of users being targeted by a rogue application for access to their profiles – following which they are offered to have a ‘dislike’ button installed. The scam, then posts spam messages, and even lures users into completing surveys for which […]

The fight for top spot in 4G mobile technology starts

LTE, or often called 4G technology – the next generation of high-speed wireless technology is already considered a goldmine for chip companies. Now, with No 3 player Texas Instruments leaving the market for mobile basebands, the main cell phone processor — there is now ample opportunity for smaller rivals in the arena. However smaller players […]

First Keyboard with the New Rupee Sign Arrives

Just weeks after the new symbol for the Indian Rupee was unveiled, there were talks about who would be the first to integrate the symbol to their systems (both, hardware and software). The wait has ended  with TVS announcing the launch of its latest keyboard, the Gold Bharat which  happens to be first keyboard to […]

India Set to Launch own Satellite Navigation System

India’s very own satellite navigation system GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) is all set to be launched soon. GAGAN is a satellite based navigational system that would be used to aid air traffic controllers to track and improve the efficiency of air traffic over the Indian air space. The system has been jointly developed […]

Net-based messaging services may face Ban

After BlackBerry Smartphone, the Indian law enforcement agencies might target Internet-based messaging services, offered by Internet giants like Google and Skype, which are inaccessible to them or allow communication between users in encrypted format. In a meeting held a few weeks ago, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Union Home Ministry warned various associations of […]