Updated: 3 civilians killed in firing by police in Guwahati – Protest again Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 continues

Update: As Army clarified that they are not involved in firing on public, the news is updated.

3 civilians were killed in firing by the police in 3 separate places of Guwahati, Assam today.

One Dipanjal Das (aged 23) was shot dead when a joint patron of para-military and police fired at the public of the Guwahati’s Lachitnagar area today morning. Lachitnagar is a residential area where the para-military and police were conducting search operations against the protestors.

In the evening, the 2nd person was killed in firing by police in Guwahati’s Hatigaon area. The 3rd person was killed in firing in Basistha Chariali of Guwahati. The one killed in Hatigaon area is identified as 17 years old teen named Sam Stafford. The 3rd person are yet to be identified.

The citizen of Guwahati openly came to the roads to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, defying the government-imposed curfew.

Police, para-military and army initially used rubber bullets, tear gases and lathi charges, but from the afternoon, the police and para-military are firing on protesters injuring and killing their own citizens.

Suspension of internet services is continued in the entire Brahmaputra valley of the state for another 2 days.

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