Aam Admi of Rahul Gandhi is not for Akhil Gogoi, Anna Hazare

By- Priyankan Goswami

Some years back when the central leadership of National Congress (I) decided to launch their new prince Rahul Gandhi to power, the propaganda that they used was to name it a campaign for the Aam Admi, the common men. An USA educated Rahul Gandhi and proud son of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ran the campaign in full swing to prove he was a true son of the soil and that he understands and can solve the problems of the common men of India. In his mission, Rahul Gandhi engaged in several publicity stunts such as travelling in the Mumbai local train daring threats from the radical Shiv Senas and Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS). However time has proved both the Congress (I) and Rahul Gandhi that to bear the torch of the public, publicity or show-manly campaigns, foreign degrees, being heir to a family whose last three generations have ruled the country are not enough.

The issues of the common men broadly can be classified into two categories, their concerns and their problems they face. In India, the concerns have been rising corruption, rise of the rich to richer while poor getting poorer, black money, etc. On the other hands, problems are innumerable varying from region to region. In understanding concerns as well as solving problems, Rahul Gandhi and his Congress Godfathers (and mother) have failed miserably. The biggest concern of the Aam Admi, Corruption was not even given the slightest importance by the Rahul Gandhi lobby, because the biggest stars of corruption in the country were some of the big names of Congress itself.

It took a 73 year old Gandhi Anna Hazare and his tremendous mental strength to stand up all by himself against the corruption of India in the national level. In different states, it was again people not affiliated to any political party who led the path against corruption. In Assam, Akhil Gogoi from Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti alone dared to fight the corruption of the Congress Government at power. He also raised the voice of the common men against the issue of mega dams, which can destroy life and agriculture in the state, a concern of the Aam Admi, which the rulers of the nation did not even give a little importance!

When Anna Hazare ended his fast yesterday, 9th of April due to the Government agreeing to consider the Jan Lokpal Bill bowing down to the tremendous public support, it was just a battle won. The war is still on against corruption. Similarly when Akhil Gogoi in Assam got arrested this afternoon without a genuine reason, it showed how scared the Government is and how much they consider someone who raises the true concerns of the Aam Admi. Thankfully the people of the state seemed to have risen up now, immediately there were lakhs of people surrounding the Panbazar police station in Guwahati, where Akhil was detained, to protest his arrest. There were scores of protests against the Congress Government all over the state and within half an hour from Akhil’s arrest, life and trade in the state came to a standstill in spite of being the celebration atmosphere of Bihu. Even ULFA hardliner faction sent press releases immediately after Akhil Gogoi’s arrest and demanding an immediate release!

Needless to mention here that the leaders of Aam Admi in the country are neither Rahul Gandhi nor the congress leadership. It’s a common man like Akhil Gogoi or Anna Hazare who has touched the hearts of the millions across the nation and who deserves to be applauded for what they have done. And the only reason they have succeeded is because they are not political leaders, they are simply Aam Admi themselves.

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