Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal Bill – Drama Ends

It is scary to realize for what reasons the Lokpal could have been used if it became a reality under the current shape. Corporates, NGOs and Media would have become the super powers of a country already taking the path of neo-capitalization.

By– Priyankan Goswami

The Lokpal has failed and so has Anna Hazare’s hype to crusade against corruption by forcing the Government to implement an obsolete system through emotional blackmailing of hunger strikes.

It was very evident from the very beginning why and how Anna Hazare’s movement was created, as debated in our previous reports Movement of Ramdev proceeding as wanted by Government and Ramdev VS Anna Hazare – Unmatched Questions. Later, after these reports were published in Times of Assam, when Hazare’s functioning and funding of his movement were questioned, India Against Corruption the NGO who pioneered this movement was forced to reveal details of its funding. Shockingly, though most media did not show attention to it, – a huge amount of funds to it came from the family of a Congress MP!

Understandably any large scale people movement needs truckloads of money. The India Against Corruption movement was largely funded by Corporates, Private Firms and NGOs. It was not surprising that Anna later strongly voiced against bringing the Corporates and NGOs under the purview of the Lokpal. Even the final Lokpal bill introduced into the Lokpal left out Corporates and NGOs as demanded by Anna & Co.

Arvind Kejriwal, key member of  Team, accused by some to be a minion of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, was the MAN behind the whole show along with others like Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and others. Interestingly he himself had received a donation (in the name of his NGO) a huge sum of about USD 400,000 from the New York based Ford Foundation, historically linked to US intelligence agency CIA. In fact this Ford Foundation is often believed to assist the CIA in channeling funds to its recipients in foreign countries.

Unfortunately the same media who created a hero in Anna and his team did not highlight the above and certain other things to the extent that it should have done, unlike the way his movement was popularized initially through day long television broadcasts, commentary or broad headlines. Small pieces like Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, of which Anna Hazare is a board member, recently selling the trust’s land in Pune to a private company did not even find any analyst or proper journalist. No one questioned when the Karnataka Lokayukta, whom Team Anna had in the joint drafting committee, almost foretold that he would charge the Karnataka Chief Minister before the report on illegal iron ore mining in the State came out. Not to mention corruption charges for mis-utilization of funds by Hazare himself or Kiran Bedi. Only issue which the media made a hue and cry about Prashant Bhushan’s comment advocating Kashmiris to be given the right to self-determination,- a right thing which media and politics turned into an anti-national statement!

There were whispers that a large number of media were bought to popularize the Anna movement and to destroy the Baba Ramdev movement which was in reality much more dangerous for corrupted politicians and the rulers of the nation. Probably for the same reason, Anna & Co. wanted media to out of purview of the Jan Lokpal.

It is really amusing to see how things could be manipulated for a movement, – Corporates, NGOs and Media are kept out of the Jan Lokpal but the Prime Minister, leader and most should be trusted person kept under its ambit. But it is scary to realize for what reasons the Lokpal could have been used if it became a reality under the current shape. Corporates, NGOs and Media would have become the super powers of a country already taking the path of neo-capitalization. Manipulation of policies for vested interests would have taken place either through power-gambit or blackmailing, with even the Prime Minister under its control.

Unfortunately, the youth who had joined in masses to stand against corruption did not see through any of these facts just as they did not question while buying Anna Caps worth a few bucks (21st century version of Gandhi caps) for hundreds of rupees just to stand with the glamour. Nor did anyone demand to keep Corporates and NGOs into the ambit of Lokpal. The fact that the two biggest national scams last year (2G and Commonwealth) were through corporate influence was overlooked the same way the demand to bring back the black money from Swiss Banks and punish the culprits was forgotten.

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