Arabinda Rajkhowa & his faction to be Expelled soon – Paresh Baruah to fight long battle

Arabinda Rajkhowa and other Pro-Talk leaders would be permanently expelled from ULFA who would now start afresh a new era of armed struggle. Assam would is once again the risk to get burned and soaked with bloodshed after the relatively calm year 2011.

As the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) now almost under the sole leadership of their military head Paresh Baruah gets all pumped up to restart carrying out armed attacks, the fate of the faction who is now engaged in lateral talks with the Union Government of India becomes uncertain.

From sources, it has been known that ULFA Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa would be expelled permanently from the outfit still at large in the underground. The same fate is expected for other senior leaders and Central Committee members of the outfit who is now overground and engaged in lateral talks. It has also been reported that the hardliner militant outfit would now change their way of operation completely. Senior ULFA leaders and close associate of Paresh Baruah, Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha and Bijay Das alias Bijay Chinese would now act as the overall Commander of Lower and Upper Assam region respectively. Drishti Rajkhowa and Bijay Das were recently ranked as the new Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the outfit, ranked next to C-in-C Paresh Baruah himself.

It is to be mentioned that the outfit had, in November 2011, formed a new 16 member panel Central Committee. It had also declared  Dr. Abhizeet Bormon as the new acting Chairman of the outfit, whose identity Times of Assam had revealed in the report Face of ULFA Acting Chairman Revealed.

As understood from sources, the Paresh Baruah led outfit has been irked over certain members of the pro-talk group passing on the outfit’s confidential information to the Government. One of the men involved is known to be Phanidhar Medhi alias Lebu, who was once a close associate of Paresh Baruah and a co-coordinator between the ULFA and Government of Bangladesh. In fact, he was known to be the only man who knew the identity used by Paresh Baruah’s in his passport while traveling; something which even the outfit’s Chairman Rajkhowa did not know about. He has been working closely with one former IGP of Assam since last 15 years under the knowledge of the current Pro-Talk faction members, much to the dislike of the outfit in underground. Another middle-level leader, Arpan Saikia alias Pradan Saikia also has been known to pass on key information to the State Police. He is a relative of a former IGP of Assam and has been involved in tasks deemed unethical for the outfit, under the knowledge of the pro-talk leaders such as Rajkhowa.

In addition, the feared ULFA commander Heera Saraniya of 709 Battalion, who has also joined the Pro-Talk camp, is now found to have been involved in unethical tasks as well. It has been known that Saraniya had stashed away loads of money when he commanded his battalion without passing them to his leadership for organizational budget needs. It is due to this same reason that Saraniya has been able to buy several vehicles to be used by his relatives as well as other members of the Pro-Talk faction for their use and convenience. The same source also revealed that the Central Committee had to force Heera Saraniya many a time to follow commands in the past.

With the permanent expulsion of Arabinda Rajkhowa and his associates, ULFA would detach itself with its former leaders and start afresh a new era of armed struggle.

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