Exit Poll 2014 – For who did India vote

With the last phase of the National Elections 2014 completing today, results are just round the corner. But even before May 16 arrives with dreams and nightmares, every political brain of India is engulfed in Exit Poll projections, assumptions and calculations. Times of Assam is bringing here for its readers, its own and unique high level projections of the election results.

While every news Channel and Media sources seems to be claiming about numbers boosted by Modi wave or the AAP spoiling it for some giants, our own projections based on inputs from various sources across the country seems to give a unique and slightly different proposition.

For the stars, BJP is predicted not to win by a clean majority, unlike being claimed by various media sources or by its Prime Ministerial Candidate, Narendra Modi. BJP is expected to win anywhere between 150 to 180 seats. Congress, otherwise would be doing worse than their last elections and their tally would not be more than 150. It would be a case of clear-cut hung three-tier situation, with none of the parties making it close to the halfway mark of 273. It is interesting to note that AAP is being projected to win not more than 7-15 seats in total, mostly in Delhi and Punjab regions. Amongst the big names, Modi is expected to win in Varanasi and so are Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in their respective constituencies. AAP’s Kumar Biswas as well as Arvind Kejriwal are both expected to lose to their rivals. Even so any of them wins, then this will be the biggest miracle in Indian political history.

As such, the king makers of this elections would be the other parties, mostly those of South India and to some extent Mamata Banerjee led TMC, Naveen Patnaik led BJD, etc who have not yet shown inclination to any specific side yet. The regional parties such as DMK, AIDMK, Telegu Desham, etc are accused in the past for being opportunistic and siding with the winning party. It would be interesting to see who they side with this time, with both BJP and Congress not expected to make a bigger margin.

The other side of Election Commission:

On the other hand, Election Commission is this time being accused by to be taking sides with BJP. In fact the head of the EC himself is reported to be man of the Saffron Party. In fact the same reasoning is being given for the fact that Modi was given a clean sheet in spite of charges, whereas Arvind Kejriwal was given notice and barred from Gujarat within 48 hours of his arrival in Modi’s home state.

Disclaimer: The numbers above here are only projections and actual results of Elections may vary.

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