Poster shocks Jorhat people

By- Staff Correspondent | Date- August 19, 2012

Jorhat people wake up today to see posters sticked in many walls and gates of the prominent colleges and educational institutions of the city. Immediately a hue and cry took place between the citizens while the news spread like wild fire. Soon people were seen assembling in front of the colleges to witness the posters calling for the people of the city to abstain from providing shelter to any kind off illegal migrants, those who are also suspected to be foreigners. The posters were printed and pasted by the team of people belonging to the magazine XAMPROTIK a by monthly magazine published simultaneously from Guwahati University, Dibrugarh University, Tezpur University, Assam Agricultural University and Jorhat Law college while heading the editorial team is headed by Bijoy Sankar Borborah(Chief Editor) and Jayanta Borah(Editor). The magazine has started publication from April 2012.

While a considerable section of the people has also commented to the postering as a much waited decision which should have been delivered quite earlier.

Speaking to Times of Assam Staff Correspondent, Amiya Bordoloi (name changed) a student of class twelve in a reputed institution sad,”Time has come that Assamese people realise the gravity of the situation and start behaving like true citizens and remain apart from sheltering these suspected people”. Another Ranju Das a daily wage earner on his way to seek a day’s earning too opined,” That We Assamese should bring back our work culture. Gone are the days of the Assamese proverb Lahe-Lahe(Slowly Slowly), and if we don’t learn now, never shall we learn in the future”.

Posters were seen in the gate of the most prestigious J.B College, CKB Commerce College, Rebokanto Barroah High School, Kakojan College, the busy Baruah-Chariali, Tarunram Phookon Path and other eye catching places. While the posters have also reiterated the need to bring back the work culture among the Assamese minds, economic boycott of the illegal settlers by not employing them under any work, demanding the protection of the indeginious Assamese people, and appealed to the society to not fall a victim to false rumor and maintain their calm.

Later on at around 10 AM yesterday, the posters were seen removed from the places by the district administration. Incidentally while Id-ul-Fitr falls on August 20, the postering has also created panic amongst a particular section of the community fearing a build up of communal tension.

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