Times of Assam hit by Plagiarism of NETV – Shame on Assamese media

By- Vijay Chutia

An Explosion!

This is the exact term what NETV used on May 6, 2013 to reveal the identity of ULFA(I) Chairman Dr. Abhizeet Bormon alias Dr. Abhizeet Asom alias Dr. Mooqool Hazarika.

Anyone who have earlier read the article titled Face of ULFA Acting Chairman Revealed, published on Times of Assam way back in December 2, 2011 can easily justify the authenticity of the news published by NETV, the so called first satellite news channel of Northeast.

Just go to the Google and type real identity of Abhizeet Bormon(don’t misspell anything), and there you go. All you will find is Times of Assam. Now read all the related articles, and you have got the so called Big Breaking News. Identity revealed. Interestingly, to do all this you need not to be a journalist. And this is what NETV did. Throwing away all the media ethics, NETV opted for plagiarism only. NETV, do you have any answer? Jaw dropped. The real faces have been revealed now. The faces of the thieves, stealing news.

If you really have the potentiality, reveal the identity of Dr. Pranmoy Asom, the foreign secretary of ULFA. If you can, reveal the identity of Arunodoy Asom alias Arunodoy Dohotiya. It is a challenge to you. And we are sure that you can’t take this challenge, as you don’t know about media ethics and you know plagiarism only.

While ‘revealing’ the identity of the ULFA(I) Chairman, all that NETV did is plagiarism. Collecting all the information from Times of Assam, the so called first satellite news channel of Northeast took shelter of a cheap way. Dear NETV, learn the media ethics first before claiming something to your credit.

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