Assam violence, attack on Northeastern – A hidden Political Agenda

The Assam violence which turned worse than assumed climbed the ladder too fast to grab national attention. No doubt there was intense force on the first forward button of the remote which is still controlling these violences. Some made it religious and some made it a political issue, but above all it is the people of Northeast as a whole who became victim of the violence.

It is not only the Bodo’s or the Muslim’s who became victim. The communal colour given to these violences was really of lesser importance. And thanks goes to the political parties and the various religious groups for pouring fuel into the fire. Everyone took up the issue to grab attention. Their main motive was to get highlighted and the violence going around was to be paid dramatize emotions. And soon the fire moved into the nearby districts as well as other parts of Assam and Northeast. The communal colour given to the violence made the people of different communities to panic in the entire region of Northeast. Moreover, the so-called national media which is busy all the time searching for negative news from the region took up the issue without delaying to make it worse. This resulted in targeting the people of Northeast in other parts of India. No doubt the central government and the concerned states claimed that all these attacks and assaults were rumour, if that is so than from where did the victims landed up. Isn’t it an important question of this crucial hour?

Thousands and thousands of people from Northeast who were living in different parts of India are now taking up their return journey to home. Some of them lived in those cities for more than decades and built up a home from a house. This particular time reminds me of the famous song Mama I’m coming home by Ozzy Osbourne. Some people might think why I mentioned, but someone who is far away and is facing the situation right now will understand it clearly.

Though the political parties are giving different colours to this violence, anyone can easily understand that its these parties which are driving the situation worse. For destabilisation of the state as well as the centre, they are leaving no stone unturned. And this became clearer after the Chief Minister of Assam himself made this remark in front of media.

There are people who are trying to disturb the peace of the region for the own political benefit. And in this fray of power the common public who have voted them to power are becoming political scapegoat. The sad part is that some people in mainland India are harming the people from this region whereas they have no role in these violences. Those people from Northeast even don’t know what the actual situation in Assam is. Moreover unlike attacks on Northeasterners in mainland India, back here there is no clash with those from that part of India. And understanding this is the only situation to end the panic now. At the same time it is important to note that there are two sides of a coin. Despite the order of Delhi HC not to call anyone from Northeast as Chinki, a friend of mine living in New Delhi today told me that they are still facing harassment as the locals often tags them as chinkis whnever they come across, and with no reason.

The violence in Assam is not religious. People who are giving them a religious colour should understand that Assam is a land which build-up on the pillars of various religion. Assam is a state where a Muslim priest takes care of a Hindu temple; Assam is a place where the Vaishnavites helped in building up mosques and where the Muslim people use to offer voluntary helping hand in constructing Vaishnavite shrine. To have a look into this history you need not to go back to centuries, just go back 66 years or so and you will find a lot of such examples. Can’t we bring back those golden days of our land. Assam was a secular land even before 1947 and it is still.

The so-called ethnic clash in Assam is in fact not at all an ethnic clash. It is a clash created and fuelled by the political parties for their own benefit. It is a clash masterminded by politicians and bureaucrats. So why should we fall prey to these dirty agenda’s? What is the need to fight among ourselves? Instead it is time to unite and to raise a common voice. We should fight against those individuals who are fuelling this, instead of fighting among ourselves. It is time to give a message to the anti-social element that we are united as earlier and we are not with you.

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