Citizenship Amendment Act Protest – Over 2000 ‘Gana Satyagrahi’ detained and released in Guwahati

More than 2000 ‘Gana Satyagrahi’ are detained for protesting against the ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ in Assam’s capital city Guwahati today.

As the protests against the unconstitutional ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ continues, more than 2000 civic citizens were gathered on the bank of ‘Dighalipukhuri’ of Guwahati to assemble ‘Satyagraha’ today morning. The civic protesters included Assamese artists, writers, civil people and members of 30 organizations.

The ‘Satyagraphi’ raised ‘we don’t welcome CAA’, ‘CAA must be repealed’ etc. The protesters also claimed that they are ready to face ‘imprisonment’ but won’t bow down.

The Assam police detained all the ‘Satyagrahi’ and restricted entry of media personnel in that area.

Police also tried to create a temporary jail in the area but failed to do so.

After 2 hours of detention, the police declared that the detainees can leave that place as they are released.

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