NC Hills Scam – Court sentences 3 for Life Imprisonment

The judgment of the Rs 1,000 Crore scam of North Cachar Hils Autonomous Council (NCHAC), now Dima Hasao Autonomous Council of Assam was passed today. The special court of NIA today ordered imprisonment to two former militants and 13 others. Jewel Garlosa and Niranjan Hojai, the former Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the of militant outfit Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) who is now engaged in peace talks with the Centre were given imprisonment for life. Both Garlosa and Hojai are now elected members of the autonomous council in Dima Hasao and members of the ruling National Party, the BJP. Chief-Executive Member of NCHAC, Mohit Hojai is also sentenced to serve life imprisonment. Another accused, Samir Ahmed had earlier pleaded guilty and served five years of imprisonment as the conviction.

The others convicted in the case included Golon Daulaguphu, member of the Autonomous Council, RH Khan, the then deputy director of social welfare department, Karuna Saikia, a former chief engineer, Jibangsu Paul, Ashringdao Warissa, four contractors Phojendra Hojai, Jayanta Ghosh, Babul Kemprai, Sandeep Ghosh and Debashis Bhattacharya hawala operator Malsawmkimi, and arms smuggler Vanlalchana. They were handed jail terms ranging from 8 to 12 years in addition to a fine.

The NIA registered two cases in 2009 under Sections 120(B), 121, 121(A) of the IPC and Sections 25(1B) (A) of the Arms Act, on the allegation of huge amounts of money being siphoned off from the development funds allotted to the NC Hills Council, in connivance with the contractors and other government servants and being sent to the DHD(J), a militant outfit, for procurement of arms and ammunition. During the investigation, a huge cache of arms and ammunition, including eight M-16 rifles made in Singapore, one 9 mm pistol (Baretta), 12 walkie-talkie sets and one telescope, was recovered from Mizoram. Another huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered by the Assam Police included 29 AK 47/AK 56 rifles, five M-16 rifles, three SLRs and other weapons. A total amount of Rs 1.32 crore was recovered in the two cases as well.

Noted Lawyer and BJP member, Bijon Mohajon is stated to appeal further on behalf of Garlosa and Hojai. This news has not gone well with the people as Mohajon, a State Representative and BJP member is therefore seen as standing against the judiciary itself.

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